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Proposed Corridor

The initial proposal for the Great Lakes Hyperloop was to determine the feasibility of running a line between Cleveland and Chicago. This phase was later expanded to include a link from Cleveland to Pittsburgh.

A second phase of expansion of the Hyperloop could further connect additional Midwest cities, stretching from Syracuse and Buffalo in the east as far west as St. Louis, Des Moines and Minneapolis. 

Ultimately, the Hyperloop could be expanded to and along the East Coast, connecting the Midwest with cities like Washington, Philadelphia, New York and Boston, as well as connections to Toronto and Montreal.

While the proposal includes a framework of cities that could be connected by Hyperloop, no specific routes or station locations have yet been identified.

Public input is critical to ensuring that the specific locations of stations and pathways of Hyperloop routes provide the most public benefit while providing minimal disruption to the communities they serve.

Phases 1, 2 and 3 of the Great Lakes Hypeloop are shown
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